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Frequently Asked Questions


• How soon can I get a case returned?
With the exception of single posterior units that have a 10 working day turn around, most all others call for varied time requirements. We do however understand that getting a case back quickly is always important to you and your patient, and we want to help this happen without ever sacrificing our quality. Therefore, we have set up a system that works very well for everyone:

1. Call or e-mail us as soon as you know you will be sending the case so we can hold a place in our schedule for the earliest possible return.

2. Include all necessary components with the case when sending it.

3. Let us know any special circumstances so we can work together to make it work.

• Does Payne Dental Lab do implants?

Yes, however all implant parts must be sent to us with the case as we do not stock them. We send all cases out for custom abutments for manufacturing.

• Why does Payne Dental Lab request pictures to be sent with cases?
It is most necessary for us to have the required pictures when doing diagnostic wax-ups and anterior cases so we can make sure what we create will be precise.

• When does Payne Dental Lab need a stump shade?

We need a stump shade for all porcelain restorations. This way we can adjust the color according to what is showing through the ceramic.

• Who pays for shipping?
Payne Dental Lab Pays for 2nd day shipping back to your office via FedEx or UPS.

• Does Payne Dental Lab charge for remakes?

We do not like remakes any better than you or your patients. Therefore, we strive to not have them and for the most part rarely do. On the occasion that a case does need to be returned back to us, we take it seriously by researching where the problem was, who is responsible, and how it can be quickly remedied. Once all this has been determined, it is “fixed” or remade, and charged or not charged accordingly. All remakes are determined on a case by case basis.

• Does Payne Dental Lab do PFM’s (Porcelain Fused to Metal)?
Yes. Although, in some cases we have found newer technology to be far superior, both strength and affordability wise.