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Client Testimonials

“Establishing a strong relationship with your ceramist can make dentistry rewarding and fun at the same time. I have been blessed in developing a personal connection with Wayne, his family, and team over the last six years. Wayne holds an incredible knowledge in occlusion, function, esthetics, and dental materials, and throughout the years he has helped me perceive dentistry in an entirely different sense.

From the earlier days of over-the-shoulder instruction, to the current time of preparing and designing teeth, Wayne has served as my backbone of support and inspiration. His passion and enthusiasm for his work is clearly reflected in the quality of his ceramics. It didn't take long for that level of excellence to channel its way into my daily office routine, making me more confident in delivering a remarkable product to all my patients. Wayne's talent was exemplified from the first day, where no occlusal adjustment was necessary after bonding a beautiful set of veneers. This was something I was never accustomed to during my first years of practice; however, it is a giant benefit and luxury when your ceramist consistently makes you look heroic in the eyes of your patients. At the present time, with hundreds of cases under our belts, the caliber of excellence remains the same, with that unique color and fit that I have grown to know as Wayne's "signature" touch.

It is always enjoyable to be around Wayne and his entire team, because you can learn so much. Wayne is not only a mentor, but outside dentistry he's a real caring person who strives to make you a better person. He has many ties in the dental community, and has introduced me to some of the most influential speakers in our field. Wayne has inspired me to become more active in continuing education, and throughout the years, we have incorporated numerous innovative ideas into our dentistry. We are now working together to become accredited fellow members in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and looking forward to publishing new articles.

I can't thank Wayne Payne and his entire crew for what they have done to my practice and quality of life. My production has doubled over the last couple of years, and my new patient base, along with referrals has grown very strong. I am a personal testimony to his work, because I am still getting compliments on my veneers six years later.

Thank you Wayne Payne and Co. for making me a better dentist, and allowing me to practice at such a higher level...”

Nick Pournaras DMD, AAACD
Cayce, South Carolina

“When I first opened the doors to my private practice in Myrtle Beach, SC, I had the honor of meeting Wayne and working on some cosmetic cases with his lab. Since then, my practice has been taken to the next level, not just by his extraordinary work, but also by his commitment to his clients and his expertise and personality. After using Payne Dental exclusively for all my cosmetic cases, my production has jumped dramatically and our practice won the "Best Cosmetic Dentist" of Myrtle Beach for the third year in a row. I cannot say enough about him, his family, his staff, or his work. There are many labs out there, but none compare to the quality and attention to detail shown by Payne Dental. Now I consider him part of my family and every time I have a tough cosmetic case, it feels great to know I have a lab that I can trust to be consistent, reliable, and always give me 100%. Wayne, thanks for all your hard work over the years and I look forward to many more fun filled cases in the future.”

Billy Pournaras DMD
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“Being a member of the U.S.C. reconstruction study group and the Loma Linda Rehabilitation study group under Dr. Bob Lee, I have had the opportunity to critique the crown and bridge fabricated by some of the best technicians on the West Coast. Wayne Payne's work is functionally and cosmetically the most artistic porcelain work I have seen. The marginal fit has always been outstanding and the cosmetic appearance of the crowns ( i.e., color, contours, anatomy) are unmatched by any laboratories work I have seen. The precision of Wayne's work is without compromise.”

Kenneth Canzoneri DDS
Arcadia, California

“What I appreciate most about Wayne is that he is a continual student. He is knowledgeable about most occlusal concepts and understands when to apply the principles to the best advantage of the patient. Being a "Master Ceramist" is one thing; being able to enhance long-term function is entirely value added.”

William Gregg DDS, Pankey Institute Clinical Instructor
Lake Forest, California

“Wayne Payne is a true student of dentistry who is committed to excellence and artistry of dentistry. Wayne takes almost as much Continuing Education as I do. In fact, I have run into him at numerous meetings at the Kois Center and the AACD. Wayne is also committed to providing the best known solutions for the doctors and the patients they are treating, sometimes even when it is not in his best interest. Since finding Payne Dental Lab, and I really consider it a find, my margins fit perfectly, have minimal and even zero occlusal and proximal adjustment, flow smoothly from wax-up to delivery, and dramatically reduce my chair time. We are often amazed at how seamlessly we go from pre-op to seat without even a hiccup and relatively no frustrations even with difficult and complex cases. Our full mouth, rehabilitation cases have nearly become routine and "slam dunk". Implants, bridges, veneers, Zirconia, Feldspathic, Emax, or some mixture of all of them, it doesn't matter; they all fit and look great.

I have often heard it said, "A good lab can make you or break you!" Thank you Wayne and Tyler for your attention to detail and your commitment to "making me."”

Jeff Bynum DDS
Valrico, Florida

“For over 11 years, I have had the privilege of developing a collaborative connection with Wayne Payne and his stellar team. As our clinical and technological skills, as well as, our knowledge base have expanded, we have been able to serve our clients in ways that we never dreamed of. That shared vision of excellence demands a humbleness, mutual respect, and willingness to not settle for the status quo-- which is unacceptable in today's dental care. While I'm continually proud of the smiles we create, I'm even prouder of the partnership that I've developed with Wayne. For that reason, I never hesitate to brag about him while lecturing and publishing articles throughout the world.”

Hugh Flax DDS President AACD 2010-2011
Atlanta, Georgia

“As a cosmetic dentist, I want the best lab available for my patients; Payne Dental Lab is that lab. They provide superior prosthetics and excellent personalized service. His restoration and cosmetic abilities are unsurpassed. When I call I speak with the same person every time, which prevents a lot of confusion that I see with other dental labs. I can't imagine my practice without the support of Payne Dental Lab.”

Jody Jones DDS
Nashville, Tennessee

“The understanding of occlusion and exquisite esthetics places Payne Dental Lab at the top in their field. Their systems greatly simplify the most complex of dental cases.”

Kathleen B. Barth DDS
Winnetka, Illinois

“I've been working with Wayne since 2002. When I decided to focus my practice on functional cosmetic dentistry, I knew I needed to work with someone who was not only a great ceramist, but an artist, as well. That's when one of my mentors introduced me to Wayne Payne. Over the years we have developed both a great friendship and an amazing working relationship.

Wayne's commitment to excellence is second to none. He and his team of experts have truly helped me take my practice to the next level. Wayne provided the first-class ceramics that were essential to my becoming an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The first thing I do when I begin planning out a complex restorative case is pick up the phone and give Wayne a call. His passion, knowledge, and talent have made him an invaluable member of our practice family. Wayne is personally invested in every case we treat together, and that makes our work a great team success!

I'm presented with challenging cases and demanding patients every day in my practice, and working with Wayne makes my days less stressful. Precision and beauty are routine, while adjustments are a thing of the past! With Payne Dental Lab, I know that we can deliver what it takes to please even the most demanding patient! Thanks, Wayne, for your amazing work and your friendship- I look forward to many more years of successful teamwork!”

W. Johnston ("John") Rowe, Jr., DDS, AAACD
Jonesboro, Arkansas

“I have worked with Wayne & Payne Dental Lab for close to 10 Years. We have seen Payne Dental Lab go from a very good lab to a world class master technician status with AACD accreditation. They never stop learning and are always on the top of what's new and how to do it.

When I know the case has to look perfect with natural and beautiful teeth it goes to Payne Dental Lab. They truly exceed my expectations and make me look good to my patients.”

Cecil D. Lamberton DDS, AAACD
Napa, California

“Working with Wayne Payne has helped bring my dentistry to the next level. Esthetic dentistry as well as implant restorative treatment has become more predictable with less chair time during delivery appointments and patients' feedback is consistently positive while exceeding esthetic expectations. I am looking forward to our continued partnership in providing excellent restorative results for our patients.”

Lena Fermback DDS
Warsaw, Indiana

“Payne Dental Lab has a wonderful accommodating staff that delivers a consistently outstanding product. I can recommend and deliver cosmetic treatment with confidence! I am glad to have Payne Dental Lab as a part of my team!”

Bryan Shumaker DDS
Colts Neck, New Jersey

“Wayne and his team have been a great partner in our aesthetic restorative practice. We have always worked with fine ceramists over the years but Wayne's knowledge, understanding of occlusal concepts, and creativity are second to none. He and his team not only provide the highest quality product, they do it quickly and with a passion for exemplary dentistry. They are a pleasure to work with and are always accommodating to our every need. We are doing more large aesthetic cases than ever before and this is largely due to the fact that we have such a great partner in Payne Dental Lab. Wayne and his team make these cases fun and the natural aesthetics are exemplary.”

Todd Sander DDS, Pankey Alumnus
Charleston, South Carolina